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Welcome to the Sure Tests Blog

The goal of this section of the site is to provide real estate students and related professionals with advice, information and resources to help them master the industry. We will regularly add new content that will help you prepare for the real estate agent exam and your career. Along with our practice exams these articles will help you become a well rounded real estate agent or broker.

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Recent blog posts

Contracts. Practice Real Estate Exam

Posted by on in Contracts
Contracts. Practice Real Estate Exam   177        What is the toxic insulation material that was used in residential housing for insulation from the 1970’s to the 1980’s?               UREA-FORMALDEHYDE INSULATION        ASBESTOS            FIBERGLASS         LEAD BASED INSULATION            Urea-formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI) started being used in the 1970s and stopped being used In the 1980s because concerns began to develop about the toxic formaldehyde from the breakdown of old foam. Asbestos was a commonly used material for insulation and is no longer commonly used in construction in the United States.       Contracts 178        Which of the following best describes a... Continue reading

Practice Real Estate Rentals

Posted by on in Rental
Real Estate Practice Questions - Rentals   289        In a standard relationship between property management and owner, what is the frequency in which the manager should report to the owner?   QUARTERLY        BI-MONTHLY      MONTHLY           ANNUALLY          As far as a standard management agreement goes, a property manager must report with the owner on a quarterly basis. Remember that certain states and cities will have unique requirements concerning management laws.         Rental 290        What document must an owner of a rental property and a property management company sign in order for a management services to legally take effect?      PROPERTY MANAGEMENT... Continue reading

Valuation and Market Analysis Practice Questions

Posted by on in Valuation & Market Analysis
Valuation and Market Analysis questions. Check them out!   54           Bob is the owner of a property and he builds a shed that extends 3.5 feet over the lot line onto a neighbor's property. The shed is example of a(n)              ENCROACHMENT             ENCUMBRANCE LICENSE                EASEMENT          RESTRICTIONAL RIGHT Property encroachment occurs when one land owner builds something that protrudes onto another lot. An easement is the right to use another's land without possessing it.         Valuation and Market Analysis 55           Corn and Soybeans that are planted to be harvested are best described as FRUCTUS INDUSTRIALES    EMBLEMENTS  ... Continue reading

Land Use Controls and Regulations Practice Questions

Posted by on in Land Use Controls
Land Use Controls and Regulations Practice Questions   Which of the following is not listed in the "Real Estate Bundle of Rights"?              1) ENCROACHMENT          2) RIGHT OF EXCLUSION                  3) RIGHT TO ENJOY THE LAND       4) THE RIGHT TO SELL OR GIVE THE LAND TO ANTHER INDIVIDUAL The real estate bundle of rights is a set of legal rights afforded to the real estate holder. The bundle of rights does not include  encroachment, as encroachment is one owner's property advancing beyond their property line onto another property without permissions or a license.               What is... Continue reading

Mishandled Disclosure ? Practice Real Estate Exam

Posted by on in Mandated Disclosures
Who is responsible for a mishandled disclosure ? Check out this question.   If a property is built before January 1st, 1978 a lead based paint disclosure form is required to be signed by whom?              A) BUYER, SELLER, BOTH AGENTS B) SELLER AND BOTH AGENTS C) BUYER AND SELLER D) BOTH AGENTS   All parties involved in the transition must sign a lead based paint disclosure form, including both agents. A power of attorney (POA) is a written agreement to represent and act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter.... Continue reading

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